2019-2020 Sixth Grade Elective Course Offerings

Below is a link to the Mariner Middle's 2019-2020 Sixth Grade Elective Course Registration Form. If you are a parent or guardian of an incoming sixth grader, please fill out this form. 

Every 6th grade student is required to take Wellbeing and Mindfulness, Physical Education, and Spanish based on space in your schedule after core courses are scheduled.  We will make every effort to schedule you into your top choices.  

Course descriptions can be found on this page as well (and can be viewed as PDF by clicking on the title). 

6th Grade Elective Course Offerings 

Wellbeing and Mindfulness (Design) – (Semester)The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop awareness of self and others through the IB Learner Profile traits. Emphasis will be on acquisition of basic skills for thoughtful planning, peer facilitation, effective communication and making healthy choices. 

Physical Education (Physical and Health Education) – (Semester)The purpose of this course is to provide a foundation of knowledge, skills and values necessary for the development of a physically active lifestyle. The course content provides exposure to a variety of movement opportunities and experiences which includes, but is not limited to: Fitness Activities and Team Sports. The integration of fitness concepts throughout the content is critical to student success in this course and in the development of a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Spanish I (Language Acquisition) – (Year) Hola or Hello!  This class will immerse students in basic conversational Spanish all while exploring the many rich and diverse cultures of Spanish speakers around the world.

Beginning Band (Arts) – (Year)This class is designed as an introduction to the development of beginning level skills on wind and percussion instruments.  Within the year, the students work towards and perform one concert in the spring.  The main components of beginning band are: developing skills on woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, learning to read music, learning a variety of repertoire from various styles and cultures, following a conductor, active listening, performance assessment, and contributing as a member of the overall ensemble.  No musical knowledge is required to enter this class.

Beginning Guitar (Arts) – (Year)Students will have an opportunity to learn the basics about playing the guitar.  Instruction will include proper technique, music theory, chord recognition, ensemble work, and music history.  Students move at a quick pace, and success with the guitar will depend greatly on individual practice.  Students will be given information about where they can obtain an instrument.  

Visual Art (Arts) – (Semester)Time to get creative! This course will introduce students to the elements (line, form, color, value, texture) and principles (balance, rhythm, variety, harmony, emphasis) of design. The course touches on drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and more. 

Culinary/Horticulture (Design) – (Semester)The Horticulture Class  is designed to help students understand the nutritional, aesthetic, environmental, and therapeutic values of horticulture. Students will be actively involved in the following: garden basics, tools & equipment, soil, weather and seasons, germination, transplanting, botany, reproduction, pollination, beneficial insects and pest control. In addition, students will learn about watering, weeding, erosion, and crop maintenance. There will also be a heavy emphasis on the history, origins, plant based crafts, and the many cultural uses of foods. This class is to help you improve your food preparation skills and to increase your independence in preparing foods.  Cooking is a life skill that can be developed with practice and knowledge of safety and sanitation.  The goal of this class is to give you the opportunity to practice preparing foods so that you will improve your cooking skills as well as to learn how to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. 

Technology & Robotics (Design) – (Semester)The purpose of this course is to give students an opportunity to explore the areas of technology and the associated careers. Students will be given the opportunity to solve technological problems using a variety of tools, materials, processes and systems while gaining an understanding of the effects of technology and engineering on our everyday lives. An additional focus on digital citizenship and safety is also included. The course will also introduce the student to basic programming as well as problem-solving strategies. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of a LEGO Mindstorm robot. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress. 

Drama (Arts) – (Semester)The course explores the fundamentals of theatrical production. All successful productions are based on the synthesis of all the production elements. Instruction will focus on the elements and function of design in the presentation of a dramatic event.

Mariner Mates – (Semester) This course is designed to offer students an opportunity to gain real-life experience through working with teachers and administrators as teacher assistants.  There may be an additional opportunity to assist in our life skills unit for those who qualify.  

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