Dress Code

Mariner Middle School considers school a student’s workplace. Though some clothing may be appropriate to wear when socializing with friends or going on outings, they may not be appropriate for school. Mariner Middle School enforces the following dress code below. The purpose of our dress code policy is to encourage students to focus on the learning process without the distractions of unsuitable dress and grooming. Students shall maintain a clean, orderly appearance at all times.

Solid, striped, polka dot, small floral or plaid Polo or Oxford styled collared shirts. Only Mariner Middle t-shirts will be permitted. A single brand logo may appear on the shirt’s chest or sleeve.  T-shirts or other shirts may not be worn over the collared shirt.  Shirts must have sleeves and may not be tied up.

Bottoms must be worn at the waist, above the hip/pelvic bone.  Bottoms must fit properly (No tight pants or overly baggy pants).  The length of skirts and shorts must be at or below the knee in the standing position.  Jeans are permitted; however, they may NOT be torn or tattered.
The following items may NOT be worn: 
Clothing that drags on the ground (ex. pant legs) is not permitted.
Torn clothing is not permitted.  
Lycra, Spandex, Joggers, sweatpants or stretch fabrics are not permitted.
White pants, shorts or skirts are not permitted.

Belt buckles should not display names, logos, flags, or other emblems. Over-sized buckles are prohibited.

A jacket/sweater, even with a collar, must be worn with a collared shirt.  The jacket/sweater must be worn with a shirt that meets the dress code requirements.  A vest may be worn but must be worn with a collared shirt or MMS t-shirt.  

No slipper-type shoes, backless shoes, flip flops, beach-type shoes, “Croc” type shoes, or shoes made of mesh or plastic.

Lines/designs in eyebrows are not allowed.  Bandanas, hats, caps, headgear, gloves, and sunglasses are NOT permitted in the building. There may be exceptions for medical conditions (with a doctor’s note).  The administration will determine these exceptions.  Physical Education classes being held outside do permit sunglasses and hats. Piercings are limited to only the ears and tattoos must be covered at all times.  No mouth apparatus is permitted unless prescribed by a dentist or physician for a medical condition.   Any necklace should be worn under the shirt.  Hair must be a naturally occurring hair color. 


  • The principal and staff will designate special event days and provide the students with information on how the dress code may be altered for those days.
  • All dress code issues not addressed above will be subject to administrative discretion

Students are expected to meet dress code expectations each day of school. Students who choose not to meet the dress code will not be permitted in class until appropriate clothing is secured. The administration reserves the right to declare other items not covered in this dress code inappropriate for school. The final decision as to whether an item is appropriate for school rests with the school administration. Repeated, purposeful violations of the MMS dress code will be considered as insubordination. Insubordination will be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines in the Code of Conduct for Lee County Public Schools.

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