Community Service Opportunities and Contacts

Community Service for Teenagers

Nowadays, community service among young teens is rare. If that were to change, then someone’s whole world could change for the better. Any act of kindness to anyone at all can save lives, and that is an amazing thing to be a part of.

Volunteer Organizations



Age Requirement

Parent Supervision



Gulf Coast Humane Society

13-15 years


Socializing with the Animals (playing with the cats and dogs)

Harry Chapin Food Bank

14 years minimum

Required if 14

Sorting food, mobile food bank

Animal Refuge Center


Not Required

Events, fundraisers, educational promotions

Ding Darling Wildlife Society

All ages (Reasonable)

Required if 15 or younger

Events, fundraisers, programs, etc.

Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium

All ages



Animal care, office work, special events

Lee County Library System

Ninth grade or younger


Reader’s theater, special events,

Book and short story discussions

Friendship Centers



Delivering Meals to homes

Remember: if you are part of a church or similar organization, you could find volunteering to do for them as well.

Do-it-Yourself Community Service





Plant a tree for Arbor or Earth Day


Campaign for more sidewalks and bike lanes


Spread word about invasive species (plant or animal)


Help fund a community garden

Helping the Hungry/Homeless

Organize a food drive at your church or school to donate to a local food bank

Helping the Hungry/Homeless

Get a group together to assemble packages with toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Helping the Hungry/Homeless

Donate old clothes/toys/books/etc. to a local homeless shelter

Helping the Hungry/Homeless

Organize a condiments drive to gather things like salt and pepper to donate to a local food bank

Nursing Homes & etc.

Create cards for birthdays and holidays for a local nursing home

Nursing Homes & etc.

Volunteer to read  and talk to the elderly in a nursing home

Nursing Homes & etc.

Prepare a meal or baked goods for somebody homebound

Nursing Homes & etc.

Organize a “game day” at a local nursing home to play board games.

Around the Neighborhood

Volunteer to clean up a community park

Around the Neighborhood

Help a neighbor with yard work or another chore

Around the Neighborhood

Campaign to install more street lights, etc.

Around the Neighborhood

Remember: don’t be afraid to try your own community project, no matter what size impact it has