What is the Community Project?

Perhaps the most exciting component of the IB Middle Years Program at Mariner Middle is the 8th Grade Community Project. The Community Project is students’ opportunity to take what they have learned at Mariner Middle and use it to positively impact the world around them. 

The Community Project is so much more than just community service; it is the culmination of their time in the MYP at Mariner Middle. Students will participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry within one of the six global contexts. In other words, 8th graders will investigate a need in a community that they feel connected to, plan a project to address that need and follow through with their plan. After they have taken action they will reflect on what they have done, what they have learned, and where they can go from here. Our students are powerful, capable, and caring and each year we as a faculty are amazed by the amount of good they are able to do in our communities. 

There are a variety of ways to be successful with your community project. Feel free to use the resources below to explore the project requirments further. 

If you have specific questions about your project you may ask your Triton Time Mentor Teacher or if you have questions about the project in general you may email the IB Coordinator, Mr. Kroll, at [email protected]

For a static version of the above diagram click here: Community Project Cycle Diagram

Past Projects

In the two years since Mariner Middle began the 8th Grade Community Project there have been about 150 different projects serving a variety of communities around Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Lee County and beyond. Below are a just a few of the amazing projects Mariner Middle 8th graders have completed.

Created welcome baskets for families checking into the local Ronald McDonald House
Wrote and performed a song at the band concert about bullying
Designed an awareness program for Monarch butterflies by distributing pamphlets and seeds
Collected stuffed animals for the CCPD so officers could help comfort children during calls
Ran a fundraiser and donated time and labor to a local horse rescue
Created blankets made out of recycled plastic bags for distribution by local homeless shelters
Created video Spanish lessons for teachers so they could make their students feel more comfortable
Designed and painted an achievement mural on a teacher's classroom wall 


Student Resources - Google Docs

Below are Google Docs of the student guide and resources for the Community Project. They are set to view only and accessable to Lee County School District users. From time to time both the guidebook and resources may be updated (particularly this year as dates have shifted in response to Hurricane Irma). You may make your own copy, however, if you do your copy will no longer update. If there are particular pages you want to use, like the process journal template, feel free to copy individual pages. 

Community Project Guidebook  (updated October 23, 2017)

Community Project Resources (updated August 30, 2017)